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Welcome to

Welcome to is the home of Pure Boredom, and [the archived] The Avanta Files. Along with defunct projects, Dopetopia, Skaters UK, Games Eclipse and Gonzo Local. All the latest news and information about these projects will be posted here, including features from each project. Thank You for Visiting, we hope you […] Network Downtime [Complete]

[Update] Migration has been finished, nameservers have been updated. Sites on the network should load faster, according to the host. I have just received an email from our webhost informing me that we are being moved to new hardware, in fact, a full upgrade it happening. Only problem, I haven’t really been given a date […]

One Site Leaves, Another Takes its Place

After 2 years, its time to say goodbye to The Avanta Files, it has served well as a place to vent frustration and [hopefully] show the human side to the 2 year Work Programme. It became so popular, that within Avanta, I was known as the Blog Guy, everyone knew it was me and I […]

Happy 10th Birthday!

Today, is 10 years old! Really, 10 years today I started And well, its not really grew much since them. There have been lots of Ups and Downs in these 10 years, projects have failed (Dopetopia, Skaters UK), ideas that haven’t taken off (Games Eclipse, Gonzo Local) and projects that just keep on […]

On The Move! [Complete]

Update 16/01/13: All the sites are moved and setup, faster than expected. Greetings! I have some news, some good news!, and its Project sites, are on the move to a new host. And the move is happening this week, Wednesday 16th Jan 2013. So, why is this happening? Well, my current hosting, who I […]

Pure Boredom: The Business Plan

Pure Boredom has a Business Plan, sort of, its more a list. You see, I’m trying to make Pure Boredom (and to an extension, Syphernet itself, which owns Pure Boredom) my full time job, but there is a lot standing in my way and I’m hoping that this plan will get rid of some of […]

Brewing Up a Plan

Things have been quiet on lately, not because I haven’t been working on anything, but because I haven’t really had anything to post about. But, I sort of do today, As of a couple of days ago, I officially gained ownership of the Dopetopia name, only part ownership, 50%, but its more than I […]

Status for The Avanta Files 21-02-12

Avanta Files Site Hits 21-02-2012

I have just looked at the status for The Avanta Files for February, and OMG, they have shot up! See for yourself As you can see, from it starting in August 2011, it has shot up from 28 in its first month, to 295 towards the end of February 2012. I have a very very […]

Cancelled: Pure Boredom Presents: The Real World Hero City of Heroes Marathon 2011

Pure Boredom is Proud to Present – The Real World Hero City of Heroes Marathon 2011! This years marathon will take place from 1pm GMT on Saturday December 10th to Sunday December 11th 2011. The same weekend as the Real World Hero Level-a-Thon Again we will be Streaming Live inside City of Heroes (Defiant Server) […]

Welcome to the All New

Welcome to the All New! has been through a lot since its launch in 2003, most of it a fail because, well, goals where far to big. This, is a lot smaller. Its a home for all of my little projects, from Pure Boredom to The Avanta Files and all the defunct […]