About Us

Welcome to Syphernet.com, the home of Pure Boredom and The Avanta Files!

Syphernet.com was founded in March 2003 by Anthony “DancingBeaver” Jackson to create Communities on the internet, before social networks where a twinkle in the creators eyes, covering a range of interests from Extreme Sports to Video Games, with the first site being Skaters UK 3 months later.

There was a time in 2003 where there was big expansion plans for Syphernet.com, the creation of Games Eclipse, a Multimedia Video Games review website along with print reviews in the local newspaper along with a store selling Video Games with an Internet cafe inside. The store and internet cafe fell through due to lack of funding and the website was put on [permanent] hold after contracts where not exchanged.

Mid 2004 saw the launch of Dopetopia, a community based around Cannabis, a concept created by Anthony Jackson, Ben Arnold and Ed Coulson. Dopetopia was only part owned by Syphernet.com (as off 2013, ownership has passed to Ed Coulson after a dispute with Ben Arnold), just before its closer. 2008 also saw the closer of Syphernet.com, with more and more people moving to social networks, forums started to drift from communities to a tool.

After Syphernet.com closed in 2008, the Syphernet name stuck around by being the owner and operator of Pure Boredom, a small side project that was nothing but a name until 2010 when it started to expend into Movie and TV Reviews, as well as Short Films and Comedy videos. There was also a plan for a Spin-Off of Pure Boredom – Gonzo Local, a citizen news blog, which has been put on hold for the foreseeable future.

Pure Boredom is still going in 2011 and spared the ReBirth of Syphernet.com and hopefully the future of the current Defunct Projects.