Cannabis, Natures Medical Marvel and illegal in most of the world. Dopetopia was to be the community for cannabis users both Recreational and Medial can gather and talk about what they love best.

Dopetopia was the brain child of Anthony Jackson, Ben Arnold and Ed Coulson back in 2004 as more than just a website, but a brand – But not everything goes according to plan. Numerous relaunches and a lack of support from the rest of the management, Dopetopia finally closed in 2008 after becoming still owned by Ben Arnold and as of 2012, a 50/50 split agreement was put in place between Ed Coulson and with the aim for to gain a majority stake.

Dopetopia is due for a relaunch, but how and when is an unknown right now, stay tuned to for more info.

Dopetopia Relaunch Concepts

Drug Wiki – Much like the ‘Talk To Frank’ idea, Dopetopia would be a one stop shop for all the facts on drugs.
Social Network – Relaunch Dopetopia as it started, but not using forums, but the same concept as Facebook or G+, but more focused on the Cannabis Culture.
Store – Re-Create Dopetopia as a Brand, selling various Smoking Paraphernalia