Happy 10th Birthday Syphernet.com!

Today, Syphernet.com is 10 years old!
Really, 10 years today I started Syphernet.com. And well, its not really grew much since them.

There have been lots of Ups and Downs in these 10 years, projects have failed (Dopetopia, Skaters UK), ideas that haven’t taken off (Games Eclipse, Gonzo Local) and projects that just keep on going (Pure Boredom), but, its been a fun 10 years, even with the stress associated with running something like Syphernet.com.

So, what’s in store? I have no idea. Another 10 years hopefully, some old projects coming back to life and Pure Boredom being the Entertainment Hub its should be.

Until then, here’s to 10 Years, Cheers!