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[Update] Migration has been finished, nameservers have been updated. Sites on the network should load faster, according to the host.

I have just received an email from our webhost informing me that we are being moved to new hardware, in fact, a full upgrade it happening.

Only problem, I haven’t really been given a date other than they will contact me again in 48-72 hours.

So, what does this actually mean? Right now, I need to do nothing, but when the upgrade is complete, I’ll may have to updated ALL the nameservers, so, at some point, all the Network sites will be down until they are moved.

To stay upto date on the upgrade, you can follow me on twitter @DancingBeaver

Cya on the other side

After 2 years, its time to say goodbye to The Avanta Files, it has served well as a place to vent frustration and [hopefully] show the human side to the 2 year Work Programme. It became so popular, that within Avanta, I was known as the Blog Guy, everyone knew it was me and I unashamedly told the staff that, yes, yes it is me.

But, this isn’t the end of the story. A new spin-off of The Avanta Files has emerged, to do the same thing,! is the same formula as The Avanta Files, except it more focused on Life After The Work Programme and The Job Centre. For the next week or so, the 2 sites will cross over, the last few posts on The Avanta Files will be re-blogged onto to give some startup content, but once I have the exit interview, its time to say goodbye.

This doesn’t mean that The Avanta Files is going forever though, the whole site will stay as it is and be archived, both for historical reasons and for anyone who wants to read through my personal experience with Avanta.

Its been a fun 2 years.

Site Reference: The Avanta Files //

Update 16/01/13: All the sites are moved and setup, faster than expected.

Greetings! I have some news, some good news!, and its Project sites, are on the move to a new host. And the move is happening this week, Wednesday 16th Jan 2013.

So, why is this happening? Well, my current hosting, who I have been using since about 2005, doesn’t offer any growth, there is a 1gb space limit and a bandwidth limit, it also doesn’t offer Add-On Domains, which is something that will help alot when it comes to the project sites.

Add-On Domains will provide better links for the project sites, as you see them now, it could be written as “” but will re-direct you to “” (The Avanta Files also does this too). With the Add-On Domains, that re-direct wont happen, even though all the sites are in the same place.

Now, with good news, there is always some bad news – While the move is happening, will be down for upto 72 hours (3 Days) and its possible Pure Boredom and The Avanta Files will be down a little longer, I will probably need to wait until the DNS records on are updated before I can update the records for the Project sites.

Cya all on the other side!

Pure Boredom has a Business Plan, sort of, its more a list.
You see, I’m trying to make Pure Boredom (and to an extension, Syphernet itself, which owns Pure Boredom) my full time job, but there is a lot standing in my way and I’m hoping that this plan will get rid of some of them walls between me and getting Pure Boredom/Syphernet off the ground.

If your not sure what wall’s I’m talking about, just look at The Avanta Files site. I’m long term Unemployed, with a private company that only cares about its bottom line, they can ‘help’ me, and I will be showing them the plan at my upcoming appointment, but I’m betting they will tell me its not a feasible idea.

But, I’m not looking for there help, I’m not looking for there funding/loans, I’m looking for them to let me do it and keep off my back, because every appointment, every directive they put on me is another obstacle for me to get past.

Finally, I’ll let you into a bit of a secret, myself and Ed will be recording a Podcast this Friday, hopefully its the first of what will become a weekly thing (recorded Friday, uploaded Friday night or Saturday afternoon) and the first of 3 planned Podcasts a week along with 3 scripted shows that are currently in development.

If you want to keep upto date with developments with Pure Boredom, you can visit the site at or my twitter account at

Things have been quiet on lately, not because I haven’t been working on anything, but because I haven’t really had anything to post about. But, I sort of do today,

As of a couple of days ago, I officially gained ownership of the Dopetopia name, only part ownership, 50%, but its more than I had before. We have a few ideas floating around to re-launch the site, but there a little outside our technical expertises. I’ll have more news on that, probably next year.

I have also been working a lot behind the scenes of Pure Boredom, getting things in place to start getting some regular content out and expanding that into something bigger. There is still a bit of work to do getting it all locked down, but hopefully, soon(TM), you should start seeing something regular coming out of Pure Boredom.

That’s all for now folks, stay classy internets.

I have just looked at the status for The Avanta Files for February, and OMG, they have shot up! See for yourself

Status for The Avanta Files 21-02-12As you can see, from it starting in August 2011, it has shot up from 28 in its first month, to 295 towards the end of February 2012.

I have a very very very good idea what did it, I added a SEO plugin to the site, it seems to be working, I will probably roll it out to and other projects as they get more content on them.

Let the good times roll!

Pure Boredom is Proud to Present – The Real World Hero City of Heroes Marathon 2011!

This years marathon will take place from 1pm GMT on Saturday December 10th to Sunday December 11th 2011. The same weekend as the Real World Hero Level-a-Thon

Again we will be Streaming Live inside City of Heroes (Defiant Server) and you will also get to see our ugly mugs for the full 24 hours

This year, I will remember to switch off Ultra Mode inside City of Heroes and go the entire 24 hours, but in the event the computer blows, I have a back-up.

More details about the Marathon will be coming soon, keep your eyes on DancingBeaver’ Twitter account and the Pure Boredom blog for the latest.