On The Move! [Complete]

Update 16/01/13: All the sites are moved and setup, faster than expected.

Greetings! I have some news, some good news!

Syphernet.com, and its Project sites, are on the move to a new host. And the move is happening this week, Wednesday 16th Jan 2013.

So, why is this happening? Well, my current hosting, who I have been using since about 2005, doesn’t offer any growth, there is a 1gb space limit and a bandwidth limit, it also doesn’t offer Add-On Domains, which is something that will help alot when it comes to the project sites.

Add-On Domains will provide better links for the project sites, as you see them now, it could be written as “pureboredom.net/link” but will re-direct you to “pureboredom.syphernet.com/link” (The Avanta Files also does this too). With the Add-On Domains, that re-direct wont happen, even though all the sites are in the same place.

Now, with good news, there is always some bad news – While the move is happening, Syphernet.com will be down for upto 72 hours (3 Days) and its possible Pure Boredom and The Avanta Files will be down a little longer, I will probably need to wait until the DNS records on Syphernet.com are updated before I can update the records for the Project sites.

Cya all on the other side!