One Site Leaves, Another Takes its Place

After 2 years, its time to say goodbye to The Avanta Files, it has served well as a place to vent frustration and [hopefully] show the human side to the 2 year Work Programme. It became so popular, that within Avanta, I was known as the Blog Guy, everyone knew it was me and I unashamedly told the staff that, yes, yes it is me.

But, this isn’t the end of the story. A new spin-off of The Avanta Files has emerged, to do the same thing,! is the same formula as The Avanta Files, except it more focused on Life After The Work Programme and The Job Centre. For the next week or so, the 2 sites will cross over, the last few posts on The Avanta Files will be re-blogged onto to give some startup content, but once I have the exit interview, its time to say goodbye.

This doesn’t mean that The Avanta Files is going forever though, the whole site will stay as it is and be archived, both for historical reasons and for anyone who wants to read through my personal experience with Avanta.

Its been a fun 2 years.

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