Pure Boredom: The Business Plan

Pure Boredom has a Business Plan, sort of, its more a list.
You see, I’m trying to make Pure Boredom (and to an extension, Syphernet itself, which owns Pure Boredom) my full time job, but there is a lot standing in my way and I’m hoping that this plan will get rid of some of them walls between me and getting Pure Boredom/Syphernet off the ground.

If your not sure what wall’s I’m talking about, just look at The Avanta Files site. I’m long term Unemployed, with a private company that only cares about its bottom line, they can ‘help’ me, and I will be showing them the plan at my upcoming appointment, but I’m betting they will tell me its not a feasible idea.

But, I’m not looking for there help, I’m not looking for there funding/loans, I’m looking for them to let me do it and keep off my back, because every appointment, every directive they put on me is another obstacle for me to get past.

Finally, I’ll let you into a bit of a secret, myself and Ed will be recording a Podcast this Friday, hopefully its the first of what will become a weekly thing (recorded Friday, uploaded Friday night or Saturday afternoon) and the first of 3 planned Podcasts a week along with 3 scripted shows that are currently in development.

If you want to keep upto date with developments with Pure Boredom, you can visit the site at http://www.pure-boredom.com http://www.pureboredom.net or my twitter account at twitter.com/DancingBeaver