Cancelled: Pure Boredom Presents: The Real World Hero City of Heroes Marathon 2011

Pure Boredom is Proud to Present – The Real World Hero City of Heroes Marathon 2011!

This years marathon will take place from 1pm GMT on Saturday December 10th to Sunday December 11th 2011. The same weekend as the Real World Hero Level-a-Thon

Again we will be Streaming Live inside City of Heroes (Defiant Server) and you will also get to see our ugly mugs for the full 24 hours

This year, I will remember to switch off Ultra Mode inside City of Heroes and go the entire 24 hours, but in the event the computer blows, I have a back-up.

More details about the Marathon will be coming soon, keep your eyes on DancingBeaver’ Twitter account and the Pure Boredom blog for the latest.