Pure Boredom

PureBoredomV3-Site-RedPure Boredom is totally random, sometimes scripted videos produced by, well, produced by the Pure Boredom Team.
It all started as a name to put on some of my videos created in City of Heroes and World of Warcraft, it wasn’t really much of a project, until Ed came along (again), and we both had the idea of making Pure Boredom a bit bigger by reviewing good TV series that people may have forgotten about, called Boxset – That didn’t work out too well. It took far too long to watch every single episode of some series, sometimes watching them 2 or 3 times.

So we got off to a bit of a false start, but we didn’t give up there, oh no, we just kicked ourselves and hid in a hole for a bit.
That brings me to the City of Heroes (CoH) Charity Marathon, it was going to be the key to getting the Pure Boredom name out there into the City of Heroes community – That didn’t work too well either, this time it was technical difficulties (Read: I didn’t lower the CoH graphics settings and blow the motherboard). This time I knew we couldn’t hide, or not hide in our hole anyway, we set off writing and coming up with various concepts for other shows – So was born An Open Letter To…, Stoned Reviews, Pure Boredom Tries and DancingBeaver Live!

Now, you may be saying to yourself “But, where are all these fabled videos?”, well yeah, except for a couple of PB Tries and the odd DB Live, there isn’t really that much up, main reason for that is the lack of time, and in my case, the ability to record when a certain family member is in coughsistercough, because “Your a freak for talking in a camera for youtube.”

Well, thats Pure Boredom in a nutshell, not just some history, but future plans and hopefully and expiation.
Thats All Folks!

Anthony “DancingBeaver” Jackson
6th April 2011