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Syphernet Group is the holding company of Anthony "DancingBeaver" Jackson.


Here, you will find all the latest news about the Syphernet Group and its attached Projects, along with history and an archive of old and failed projects.


Originally founded in 1998 as the JWSN (Jacko Website Network), Syphernet.com was officially launched in March of 2003 and renamed to Syphernet Group in early 2018.


Originally launched as a hub for various community websites and forums, a pre cursor to social media, over the years it changed into the portfolio company of the founder.


While the plan for the future is the re-launch Syphernet Group as a real company, that is a way ahead right now.

Anthony "DancingBeaver" Jackson

I'm keeping Syphernet Group alive, because I am Syphernet Group.


Not in a megalomaniac type way, but in a, name for my many, many ideas.

Who are We?

The is what Syphernet Group is all about.


This is the list of the current Projects that Syphernet Group are involved in, while not a full list, there are always ideas being planned out that are just not ready for prime time.

Pure Boredom Media

About: Originally a name to add to any Machinima projects I made, Pure Boredom tried to grow into a fully fledge YouTube Channel.


Unfortunately, due to life, the YouTube channel was put on hiatus and in 2019 split off into Pure Boredom Media, a separate company handling all of Syphernet Group's media projects.


Pure Boredom Media currently handles Pure Boredom itself and DancingBeaver:Live, the upcoming live stream for Anthony.

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Latest News

Founded: 2008

Site Type: Media Division and YouTube Channel


About: This is where I try to sell myself on a Personal Level away from Syphernet Group. But still a part of Syphernet Group itself.


I started DancingBeaver.net as a blog for myself, having move that over to Tumblr, DancingBeaver.net turned into my personal Portfolio website.

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Founded: 2015

Site Type: Personal Portfolio Site


Over the years, Syphernet Group has tried many diffrent things, from creating communities to blogs and even a game.


This is the Archive of the Syphernet Group.


About: Dopetopia was one of Syphernet Group's original projects, conceived by Anthony and 3 close friends. It started out as a small BBS and had a small, but dedicated community.

But, due to time commitments, the advent of Social Media and Life, Dopetopia slowly started to close down after failed attempts to reboot as a social media site.


While Dopetopia is in the Archive, there are plans to for a resurrection, however thoes plans are in the very early stages.

Founded: 2004

Closed: 2009

Site Type: Cannabis Focused Community

Reason Closed: Social Media came along and BBS started to fall out of favour.

Skaters UK

About: Skaters UK (Originally called Hartlepool Skaters) was THE original project from Syphernet Group. Extreme Sports where big in the UK around the turn of the millennium and Skaters UK took off.


Along with its BBS, it helped to co-ordinate meet-ups and events all around the world. Though its largely forgotten about now.

Founded: 2003

Closed: 2008

Site Type: Extreme Sports Focused Community

Reason Closed: Social Media came along and BBS started to fall out of favour.

Games Eclipse

About: The one that got away. Games Eclipse never officially launched, although work was over 50% finished by the team.


The plan for Games Eclipse was to not only be a community and repository for gamers, but also to review games from the view of the people who played them for fun and the target market. However a deal we where relying on fell through and the site had to be abandoned.

Founded: Never Launched

Closed: N/A

Site Type: Video Game Reviews and Community

Reason Closed: Deal needed for the site to launch fell through

This Supergroup

About: The home of Steal This Supergroup, the City of Heroes Supergroup and Destroy This Supergroup, the City of Villains Supergroup.

Founded: 2009

Closed: 2012

Site Type: Video Game Supergroup(Guild) Website

Reason Closed: City of Heroes [Officially] Closed in 2012

The Avanta Files

About: The Avanta Files was a 2 year project to document the experience of Anthony through the 2 year DWP Work Programme (which at the time was new). The site included blog posts, comments and questions, all officially archived and ready to read.

Founded: 2009

Closed: 2011

Site Type: Blog/Information

Reason Closed: Came to a Natural Ending - Officially Archived

Dole Life

About: DoleLive.com was the follow-up to The Avanta Files, basically exactly the same but more focused on the everyday struggles living on benefits.

Founded: 2011

Closed: 2012/2013

Site Type: Blog/Information

Reason Closed: Abandoned due to drop in readership

JWSN (Jacko Website Network)

About: Where it all began, the JWSN.

A small network of little pages put together in a single hub, or, a website.

Founded: 1998

Closed: 2003

Site Type: THE Original Syphernet

Reason Closed: Became Syphernet.com, Later Syphernet Group

The Archive

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